Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Political Thriller: A State of Treason

A State of Treason is the follow-up to David Thomas Roberts' first novel, Patriots of Treason. Both books focus on the diabolical doings of an Executive branch dead-set on not only targeting Tea Party activists in Texas, but also eliminating them.  The books also portray members of congress as unable or unwilling to intervene, leaving it up to their constituents and a group of state government officials to expose and correct the federal malfeasance.

In this interview, the author explains how current day events in Washington inspired him to write the book, and how he, like Portage County Tea Party Director Tom Zawistowski was targeted by the IRS.  Mr. Roberts also describes being singled out at an airport because, he believes, of his Tea Party ties.  "If people don't believe that the federal government can target individuals and organizations, then they are simply naive."

Monday, September 29, 2014

The "Bearacade" Protects Students From Intruders

Bill Cushwa, National School Control Systems, demonstrates the Bearacade/Photo credit: Jim McIntyre

Bill Cushwa invented the Bearacade Door Control System after the shootings at Chardon High School in February 2012.  The Mentor Schools have purchased 500 of the devices to help shelter students in their classrooms in the event of an intruder.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Friends of Jane Share Stories About Jane Scott

Photo credit: Jim  McIntyre

We recorded the Friends of Jane forum held at the House of Blues Cleveland prior to the concert on September 15th, 2014, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Beatles first performance in Cleveland, and Jane Scott's first assignment on the music beat for the Plain Dealer. Former DJ Billy Bass, Artist Manager David Spero, the Plain Dealer's Michael Heaton, Cleveland music legend Michael Stanley and Dawn Kendrick of 19 Action news all shared stories about Jane. And 11th Hour host Tom Kelly, acting as moderator, went into the audience to capture memories from others in attendance as well.

The event was meant not only to celebrate the anniversary, but also to raise funds for a documentary about Jane and her storied career.

The forum preceded the concert, featuring the band Beau Coup, Michael Stanley, and the Beatles tribute band 1964.  At the end of the forum two members of the band, who play John Lennon and Paul McCartney make a brief appearance.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Have Your Kids Been Inoculated Against Meningitis?

Becky Werner and her father Bob Werner

Bob Werner lost his daughter to Becky to meningococcal meningitis 10 years ago.  He and his wife have been  on a campaign ever since to educate other parents about the importance of inoculating your children against the disease, through the organization Voices of Meningitis.

Bob is joined in this interview by Sherdina Williams, President of the Northeast Ohio Association of School Nurses, who says there is no effective treatment, let alone a cure for meningococcal meningitis, making the prevention through the meningitis vaccine all the more important.

Growing Ministry Helps Women AND Men in Medina

A faith-based ministry, Oasis of Hope was created out of a need recognized by Mindy Wills and other committed Christians in Medina. Mindy is Executive Director of the center, which opened four years ago to serve women, men and families.

The Oasis of Hope annual banquet will be held October 16 at Weymouth Country Club in Medina.
RSVP to mindy@oasisofmedina.com.  It's free, but they need a head count for planning purposes.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Coming Out of the Darkness To Prevent Suicide


Lori Wasko says she's tired of people passing judgement on others, and of people of keeping quiet instead of expressing their concerns about the behavior of loved ones.  That's why she and her daughter, Brittany Julian have embraced The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and are organizing the Out of the Darkness Walk on October 5th in North Canton, along with Lori's daughter Hailey.

These two strong women discuss the way in which suicide affected them, following the death of Lori's husband and Brittany's father Ken.  They hope to help others who are experiencing loss from suicide by supporting them through the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Out of the Darkness walk in North Canton.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Understanding Autism Through The Eyes Of A Sibling

Lori DeMonia knows what it's like when an autistic child is bullied. She relates an ugly exchange she witnessed while waiting for her daughter Leah to exit the school bus, and she feels empathy for the parents of the autistic Bay Village teenager who was recently the target of an ice bucket challenge prank.

Lori has written Leah's Voice, the story of an autistic child and her sibling, told from the sibling's point of view.  It is meant to show how understanding can be taught by example.  Leah DeMonia, now 13, contributed illustrations to the book,

Leah's voice has won a prestigious award from the Autism Society of America. The book is available at bookstores and online, and is put out by Halo Publishing, founded by Cleveland-area native Lisa Umina.