Saturday, December 21, 2013

Caregifted Helps Care Givers Get Away For A While

Heather McHugh, Founder of Caregifted, and Berenice Kleiman of Shaker Heights

Caregifted, an organization formed to help long-term, full-time caregivers take a break from their daily duties with an all-expenses paid, week-long vacation, was founded by poet Heather McHugh.  She describes who qualifies for the getaways, which she hosts on both coasts.  And she explains what inspired her to give up teaching to develop Caregifted.

Heather also talks about Berenice Kleiman, the Shaker Heights woman who was given a break from caring for her husband Herb, who suffered a debilitating stroke 12 years ago.  Berenice was a guest on The 11th Hour recently, telling us about her journey as a care giver.

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