Thursday, January 23, 2014

Brad Meltzer Highlights Real Heroes in Children's Books

Author Brad Meltzer has launched a series of children's books, meant to highlight real-life heroes, to counteract the influence reality stars and sports celebrities who make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The first two books in Brad's Ordinary People Change the World Series are I Am Abraham Lincoln and I Am Amelia Earhart.

In this interview, the prolific author and host of the Decoded series on the Discovery Channel talks about his past best sellers, like Inner Circle and Book of Fate, and the next installment for the new series of children's books, which will feature the story of Rosa Parks.

He also divulges plans to write down the road about Jerry Siegel and Jerry Shuster, the Cleveland teenagers who created superman, and how he helped save the house in Collinwood where the Man of Steel was born.

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