Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Don Cockroft and The 1980 Kardiac Kids

Remember the Kardiac Kids?  Don Cockroft was the kicker for the 1980 team, the first Cleveland Browns team to make the post-season in 8 years.  They were called the Kardiac Kids for their heart-stopping, come from behind victories.  It was a magic season that Cockroft chronicles in his book.

Don also explains why he never played football again after the "Red Right 88" game, the divisional playoff game the Browns lost when a pass on a play called "Red Right 88" was intercepted. Cockroft interviewed every player from that 1980 team, along with coaches and some fans for the book.

In a recent column for the Plain Dealer, sportswriter Bill Livingston called quarterback Brian Sipe the pacemaker of the Kardiac Kids.  Cockroft had the sturdy leg the Browns so badly needed then, and may very well miss in the 2013 season.

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