Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Political Thriller: A State of Treason

A State of Treason is the follow-up to David Thomas Roberts' first novel, Patriots of Treason. Both books focus on the diabolical doings of an Executive branch dead-set on not only targeting Tea Party activists in Texas, but also eliminating them.  The books also portray members of congress as unable or unwilling to intervene, leaving it up to their constituents and a group of state government officials to expose and correct the federal malfeasance.

In this interview, the author explains how current day events in Washington inspired him to write the book, and how he, like Portage County Tea Party Director Tom Zawistowski was targeted by the IRS.  Mr. Roberts also describes being singled out at an airport because, he believes, of his Tea Party ties.  "If people don't believe that the federal government can target individuals and organizations, then they are simply naive."

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