Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Understanding Autism Through The Eyes Of A Sibling

Lori DeMonia knows what it's like when an autistic child is bullied. She relates an ugly exchange she witnessed while waiting for her daughter Leah to exit the school bus, and she feels empathy for the parents of the autistic Bay Village teenager who was recently the target of an ice bucket challenge prank.

Lori has written Leah's Voice, the story of an autistic child and her sibling, told from the sibling's point of view.  It is meant to show how understanding can be taught by example.  Leah DeMonia, now 13, contributed illustrations to the book,

Leah's voice has won a prestigious award from the Autism Society of America. The book is available at bookstores and online, and is put out by Halo Publishing, founded by Cleveland-area native Lisa Umina.

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