Friday, January 16, 2015

Brimfield Police Chief Retires Following Allegation

Chief David Oliver and Jim McIntyre

David Oliver has retired as chief of police in Brimfield Township, following an allegation of sexual harassment. This would not be a news story outside of Portage County if it weren't for the notoriety of the chief, based on his Facebook posts. 

Chief Oliver's straight-shooting observations about crime and criminals have been documented on Facebook since 2010.  The site once amassed more followers than the Facebook page of any other police department in the country, with the exception of New York City. A search of Facebook today finds a different Facebook page representing the Brimfield police Department.

A book deal in 2013 brought Chief Oliver to WHK, where he recorded an interview with Jim.  Here he discusses the book, No Mopes Allowed, along with his affection for children, the elderly, and our nation's veterans.  

The Chief was suspended by the township trustees on Monday.  He announced his retirement on Friday, not surprisingly, on Facebook.  It may be the last we hear from Chief Oliver in a while, but considering the thousands of comments, likes and shares his post has received, his observations will be missed.

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