Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Killing Ebola And Other Bad Stuff With Nanotechnology

"Fighting the Invisible Enemy,"  namely bacteria, mold and viruses is the mission of Bactronix Corporation.  In this interview, recorded before nurse Amber Vinson's release from Emory University Medical Center, Vice President A. J. Powell and local franchisee Dave Blahnic discuss the nano technology behind Bactronizing, the non-toxic process used to disinfect and sanitize surfaces seen and unseen.

Powell explains how Ebola, H1N1, and Avian Bird Flu are envelope viruses that are becoming more and more immune to bleaches and other toxins currently used to kill them.  Bactronix uses an electrostatically charged spray to dispense Chlorine Dioxide, or ClO 2.  He says the no-touch, on demand technology is a revolutionary concept that will require a paradigm shift for public acceptance.

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