Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Woman With Terminal Condition Lives Life With Dignity Dad Shares Brave Daughter's Story

Dr. Mark Pinkerton, Cedarville University

Not everyone feels Brittany Maynard is a hero. Brittany Maynard is the 29-year old who took her own life November 1st, after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in January of this year.

Melinda Pinkerton suffers from neurofibromatosis type 2, also a terminal condition. But she has lived with it for 12 years. Her father, Dr. Mark Pinkerton says she is in constant pain due to non-cancerous tumors on her brain and spinal cord.   Yet Melinda, who tries to find joy in painting despite the pain, shed tears when learning of Ms. Maynard's suicide, calling it cowardly according to her father.

Melinda not only paints, but she shares her experiences on her blog.  Dr. Mark Pinkerton tells his daughter's courageous story in this interview.

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