Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Faceless Mannequins Highlight Homeless Teen Problem

Hundreds of teens are missing or homeless in Cuyahoga County, a problem made more poignant on this first anniversary of the rescue of Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry And Gina DeJesus.  Amanda and Gina were both in their teens when they disappeared, snatched and imprisoned for nearly 10 years on Seymour Avenue by Ariel Castro.

Bellefaire JCB, a child welfare agency has partnered with Doner Advertising to place mannequins, hooded, faceless and the size of a teenage boy or girl strategically throughout the area to make us aware of the number of youth in crisis, and to encourage us to "Take a Closer Look."

Karen McHenry, Program Manager for Missing and Homeless Youth at Bellefaire and Kevin Floyd, Associate Creative Director at Doner discuss the provocative public service campaign.

The hotline for homeless and missing youth is 216-570-8010.

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