Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Worker's Comp Case Could Mean Millions for Small Businesses

Used with permission/Dworken and Bernstein Co., L. P. A.

What will Governor Kasich do?

An Appeals Court has upheld a lower court ruling that the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation overcharged hundreds of thousands of small business owners, and must pay them back.

Patrick Perotti, has been working on this case for about five years as a partner in the law firm Dworken and Bernstein Co L.P.A,  one of the two main law firms litigating the case.  He explains how Workers' Comp cheated small businesses, and that the state has the money to refund them in a surplus fund.

Perotti explains that Governor Kasich has the final say when it comes to paying the money back, or continuing to fight the ruling that two courts have now made, at an additional cost to the taxpayers of the State of Ohio.  He says small business owners in Ohio can log onto the Pay Us Now! website to determine whether the state owes them money, and how much.

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